What other sustainable practices does Richmond Water promote?

Richmond Water promotes a number of sustainable practices throughout its production, distribution, and consumption. These include using solar power for electricity; using recycled materials in their packaging; partnering with local nonprofits to give back to the community; and most importantly, producing high-quality artesian water that is sourced locally, reducing the need for transportation and offsets the need to use fossil fuels. Additionally, Richmond Water bottles are made from 100% recyclable aluminum – a natural resource that can be readily recycled. So by choosing Richmond Water, you’re helping to reduce plastic waste and ensure that future generations will have access to clean and safe drinking water.

One of the main obstacles to curbing single-use plastic water consumption is providing more refilling options in Richmond. Existing refill stations do not all work and there are simply not enough to make them a viable solution for drinking water for Richmonders. Through our efforts, we will work to repair broken refill stations as well as install new refill stations to provide a convenient refilling option and to encourage Richmonders to refill. So join us in making RVA a better place. Try Richmond Water today and enjoy your healthy hydration experience!