What are some of the best ways to reduce my reliance on plastic water bottles?

First, try carrying a reusable bottle with you – consider a bottle of Richmond Water! This way, instead of buying single-use plastic bottles, you can easily refill your water bottle at home or the office. You’ll also save money in the long run!

Second, look for places that offer free refilling (like Richmond Water!). Not only will this save you money, but it’ll also help reduce the amount of waste created by single-use water bottles. (We’re launching a map of free refill stations.)

Finally, encourage your friends and family to join in your efforts! The more people are aware of the dangers of relying on plastic water bottles, the more they’ll be encouraged to make the switch to more sustainable options.

So join us in making RVA a better place. Try Richmond Water today and enjoy your healthy hydration experience! Together, let’s reduce our reliance on single-use plastic water bottles and create a healthier future for everyone.