Richmond Water: Hydration Reimagined

Our mission is clear: Cut the tide of single-use plastic bottles, champion local artists, and give back to our community. 

Our trusted partner Virginia Artesian Bottling delivers every drop of our local artesian water from a solar-powered facility in Hanover County. Each collectible, reusable aluminum can replaces up to 10 plastic bottles, taking you further on your sustainability quest. Through our collective efforts with community members and the city, we're working to install public refill stations across RVA, empowering everyone to choose reuse over waste.

With every Richmond Water bottle purchase, we proudly donate $0.50 per bottle to a rotating nonprofit. As a customer, you hold the reins, with the power to vote on future artists and nonprofits, creating a ripple of positive change.

Who is Behind Richmond Water?

Richmond Water is a fully-operational in-house brand of Richmond brand and digital agency, Xponent21.

The team pursues courageous creativity and has set out to ideate products, websites, and brands that can be created and promoted within the four (virtual) walls of the company.

Richmond Water is a project that is well aligned with the Xponent21's America's Healthiest City initiative to make Richmond region the healthiest in America in 10 years.

It takes 450 years for a plastic bottle to break down. Around 95% of all plastic produced ends up in the landfill. When plastic breaks down, it ends up in the air, the water and our bodies.

We can put a stop to that.

The Team


Will Melton

Will Melton came up with the broad concept for Richmond Water in December of 2022. The idea was born out of frustration for how many plastic bottles he saw laying around the streets of Richmond and for the simple fact that water sold in plastic bottles is overpriced and perpetuates unsustainable behavior.


Nikki Peters

Nikki Peters is the creative director at Xponent21 and is the designer behind the Richmond Water Brand. Nikki has a unique ability to take an idea and turn it into a high-quality visual presentation - whether it be a digital creation, an interior space, a piece of clothing, or a physical product. Without her influence on this project, Richmond Water wouldn't exist.

The Artists


Noah Scalin

Noah Scalin is the creator of the Webby Award-winning project Skull-A-Day, which turned into a font that in part inspired this project. The Skullphabet font is the main font used in the brand. Noah is also known for the collaborative science fiction universe & performance art project League of Space Pirates. He was the Grand Prize winner of Artfields 2022 and his collaboration with Old Navy was one of the most viewed commercials of 2020.


Hamilton Glass

Hamilton Glass is an architect turned artist native to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and currently based out of Richmond, Virginia. Through his work, he has not only amplified Richmond but influenced and inspired people well beyond the walls of our community. His Mending Walls nonprofit has changed the landscape of our community and brought underrepresented artists to the limelight. He is a perfect fit as our debut artist for Richmond Water, as his work has greatly influenced the culture of the Richmond community in recent years, and he is a true believer in Richmond Water's mission.

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